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Fullstack is a collection of full-featured single-page apps for modern web browsers.

Single-page apps (SPAs) are applications that live on a single web page, dynamically and fluidly refreshing content as necessary. They are the web’s equivalent of a desktop application. Until now, SPAs have been hard to build, riddled with technical debt, and out of reach to most developers.

Fullstack is a one-of-a-kind coding program that challenges college students to build technology by solving real-world problems through a capstone app development course.

Give your brain a break. Start with the basics: be productive and have fun. Fullstack is a fully-featured, beginner-friendly, live coding playground for creating simple, fast web applications with real APIs.

Introducing Fullstack. An amazing new coding program that brings the community together and makes it possible to change the world, one line of code at a time.

Our Fullstack program is built to connect you to the tech community right out of school. We bring students from all over the world to New York for real-world experience through a coding capstone course at a startup. Contrary to the common opinion, we believe you should get your hands dirty with code in order to better understand its nuances and advance your career opportunities. Our program focuses purely on technical problem solving; students who want to focus on learning about tech business are better suited for our Business Track.

We're all getting more used to using computers, every day, and we have no problem finding the knowledge and help we need online. Yet when it comes to writing code, many of us still feel like beginners. How do we make that initial transition from a beginner to an intermediate developer? After all, the Internet is only good for so much.

Fullstack is an HTML5 app that runs in the browser - on your laptop, tablet or phone. You can configure live data sources exposed by Google infrastructure (think BigQuery, Analytics, Maps) and then develop your own Backbone + React apps using ES6 - accessing live data as you go. Assets are written in CoffeeScript (or JavaScript for the front-end only bits) so you can get straight to writing your app without dealing with build processes etc. We hope it'll make life easier for small teams to develop client projects quickly and efficiently.